• Principle throughout our work is 'How can we be of service'. This born of our own life experience and the manner by which we received help and support when needed and how we were shown the light when in the darkest place.
  • A belief that there is no death but only transition and Transformation.
  • Providing reassurance to the bereaved that their passed loved ones and relatives are safe and happy and continue life beyond the grave often referred to as 'spirit'.
  • Mediumship is the aid of communicating between the incarnate and spirit and essentially providing evidence for this state.
  • Reiki - a Japanese generic term for hands on healing practices used to transmit 'universal life force energy' between the Divine universal spirit and individual recipients. Also a form of mediumship as we are again the conduit and channel for such energy.
  • Tarot and Colour and Ribbon readings are just a few ways to reveal an over all picture of where someone is at today and may well indicate how best to proceed along life's path.

Psychic, Tarot, Ribbon and Spirit readings

Southwestmediumship with Tony and Sandy Whitehead

Due to covid 19 restrictions as a nationally registered practicing Medium Tony Whitehead now provides psychic & clairvoyant readings via Skype or Zoom.  Tony offers Reiki & Spiritual healing and Teaching from the practice in Axminster Devon.

Sandy practiced as a Corinthian Spiritualist Healer before being attuned to Reiki and eventually level 111 practitioner in 2002.

Tony was eight years old when he recognized his psychic gifts but not until 1976 did he begin an earnest spiritually enlightening path that has contributed toward his thirty three years experience as a practising clairvoyant medium

  • Qualified in 1999 with the UK Hypnotherapy Association - incorporating clinical and NLP techniques as a Therapist.
  • Member of the Healer International Practitioners Association
  • Previously a Healer Trainer for the Corinthian Church and Healing Association.
  • Joined the Association for Meridian Therapies in 2000
  • Master/Teacher of Reiki
  • Classic Tarot Card and Ribbon/Colour readings
  • A Recognised Medium certificate from The Christian Spiritualist Society of Churches.
  • Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council CNHC in 2010
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Please Get in Touch

If you are interested in discussing how we can help you using Reiki, Clairvoyance or Healing, Hypnotherapy and EFT we would love to hear from you. Please contact us using the number below and we will listen to your requirements and if you wish schedule an appointment for you to visit us.

NEXT REIKI ATTUNEMENT Levels 1 & 2 To be advised or requested so please contact us

Our next REIKI 111 is to be advised. Please telephone for more details

Light lunch will be provided along with all materials required and a substantial manual clearly describing how to make attunements for all 3 levels of The Usui tradition of REIKI. We will be adding a Tibetan tradition to this course as brought to the west by William L.Rand and this is included along with a Certificate when course is completed.

Cost to be agreed and total payment to be made on arrival.  A Deposit of £75 is requested should you wish to join us and sent to the following address where the attunements will take place.

1 Halletts Way. Axminster. Devon. EX13 5NB. 

Tel: 01297 631682

Tony provides the following services
  • Help and guidance with your future life changing decisions.
  • Private Psychic readings using Tarot and Ribbon together with communication with the spirit of your deceased loved ones.
  • Consultations using Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP Techniques.
  • Reiki treatments and courses run in partnership with his wife Sandy who is a Reiki Master and spiritual medium also.
  • Psychic and Mediumistic meditation development groups to assist in your spiritual growth.
  • Demonstrations of Clairvoyance/mediumship with both large and small groups of people and party bookings undertaken.